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Lifting Clamps

We sales a wide range of lifting clamps that are available in different sizes, and models. Browse below to choose the right lifting clamp for your needs. If you need help selecting the right products, please contact our sales team at +971 25502004 

universal lifting clamp
Universal Lifting Clamp
vertical lifting clamp

Vertical Lifting Clamp

horizontal lifting clamp with lock
Horizontal Lifting Clamp with lock
horizontal pipe lifting clamp tph type
Horizontal Lifting Clamp (TPH Type)
horizontal lifting clamplarge opening
Horizontal Lifting Clamp (Large Opening)
beam clamp
Beam Clamp
beam clamp s type
Beam Clamp (S Type)
beam clamp with ring
Beam Clamp with ring
lateral lifting clamp
Lateral Lifting Clamp
lateral llifting clamp la type
Lateral Lifting Clamp (LA Type)
multi steel lifting clamps
Multi Steel Lifting Clamp
steel pipe lifting clamp
Steel Pipe Lifting Clamp
concrete pipe lifting clamp
Concrete Pipe Lifting Clamp
barrel clamp
Barrel Clamp